I stand ready to return to Iran to ensure that the kindle of hope is not extinguished

My Dear Compatriots,

Three and half years ago at a time when Ahmadinejad and those supporting his ‘coup’ resorted to violence and bloodshed against our youth and other freedom‐ loving Iranians, Green Wave was created as a ‘political umbrella’, armed with its independent financial and other capabilities, in order to coordinate and assist opponents from within and outside the ruling establishment who had come to question that a transfer of sovereignty to the people might not become a reality through ‘reforming the current order’, and that only through regime change, might one possibly attain such an objective.

At that time, the only option for the pursuit of the struggle for the liberation of Iran rested in confronting the regime and Ahmadinejad as there was no place for any kind of dialogue with the regime.

Today, in the aftermath of Ahmadinejad’s 8 years of governance, our country is bankrupt and its financial system has been completely destroyed.
The vast majority of people in one of the world’s oldest and most affluent countries of the world are faced with extreme difficulties with many people living in absolute poverty.

While in the past, Green Wave has consistently asserted a willingness to pay any price for regime change – with the exception of consigning the Iranian nation to a destructive civil war and social chaos – given the persisting threat of conflict between Israel and Iran, the ongoing civil war in Syria with a similar risk in Egypt, and at a time when the region as a whole is going through one of its most dangerous periods, Green Wave has concluded that preparations for laying the groundwork for ‘national reconciliation’ with participation of political forces should be started at this time.

Such an opening will also pave the way towards reconciliation and understanding between our country and the international community.

Division within our society exists between those that wish to retain centuries old traditions and those younger that are seeking a modern and progressive Iran. It is our historic duty to reconcile these two components of our society.

Also, there are deep and serious disparities, within the ruling establishment and particularly amongst the clerical forces, between those wishing to retain the status quo and those who are committed to the construction of a different Iran. Once again, we must pave the way for reconciliation between these two groups.

Such an outcome will establish reconciliation between civil society and government in Iran.

Our country will restore its pride by transforming itself to a free, progressive and powerful Iran with substantial international influence – one that will be used to support and lead solutions for regional disputes as well as promoting understanding between our Shiite and Sunni brothers as well as others in the Middle East.

Given our country’s enormous natural wealth, our educated youth, as well as our well-established and highly successful diaspora, the speedy reconstruction of our nation’s economy along with a fair distribution of its wealth, will be achieved in a short period.

Such a reconstruction will be the ultimate guarantor of our national strength, freedom, and, in particular, democracy in our country.

Today, Green Wave announces that it has taken the unilateral decision to suspend all activities aimed at ‘overthrowing’ the current system for a period of time that will ‘not remain indefinite’ and will instead concentrate its efforts for pursuing ‘national reconciliation’.

To achieve this historic objective, Green Wave is fully committed to promoting harmony between our nations’ traditional forces and future-oriented aspirations of our youth.

In pursuing this mission, Green Wave will direct all its networks inside and outside Iran towards to the resolution of our nation’s political problems with the international community and the creation of conditions necessary for a speedy provision of required finances for rescuing Iran’s critical economic situation, thus saving the country from bankruptcy.

In this arduous journey – to all forces of resistance struggling for a free Iran and all who in the course of these long years have suffered as a consequence of despotic rule:
Those who have been forced to flee their homeland under most difficult circumstances;
Those who themselves or people close to them have suffered imprisonment and torture;
And finally those families who have had their loved ones martyred in paving the road map to freedom.
We ask that they take the difficult step towards this process of reconciliation for the attainment of our ultimate national objective: freeing our nation and prescribing a future that is commensurate with both our rightful position in the community of nations as well as being in tune with the national aspirations of our people.

To pursue this important national objective with the people of my country, I stand ready to return to Iran without any pre-condition to initiate dialogue with all the relevant personalities in order to ensure that the kindle of hope raised as a consequence of the election of the new president is not extinguished.

Amir Hossein Jahanshahi

September 26, 2013