Amirhossein Jahanshahi: ‘BAAM’ will be an umbrella for supporting economic reconstruction and national reconciliation in Iran

‘National Reconciliation’ means creating conducive conditions for promoting understanding, coexistence and cooperation for development.

‘National Reconciliation’, means building trust and confidence between opposing poles that have for years had been involved in a deadly confrontation.

Finally, ‘National Reconciliation’ in Iran means being able to enlist and mobilize the services of all the country’s accomplished talents in one united direction towards attaining the welfare of the people in a prosperous and powerful Iran.

Today, given the recent tragic experiences in the region, what stands opposed to the promotion of ‘National Reconciliation’, are the activities of individuals or groups outside Iran, who under the premise of ‘regime change’, may irrespective of existing realities, guide our country towards chaos and dismemberment, which as mentioned in the course of my recent press conference, is considered to be nothing less than treacherous.

My return to Iran, as I mentioned on November 20th, is programmed on the basis of such logic.

Pursuant to my announcement and assertion that it is my intention to conduct all my activities ‘in compliance with the laws of my country’, Dr. Mehrdad Khonsari, the Secretary General of Green Wave has therefore suggested the disbandment of ‘Green Wave’, which I have accepted.

Prior to proceeding further, it is my wish to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Khonsari and all our dedicated comrades in Green Wave who have so diligently dedicated their time and life towards the advancement of the goals of this organization, and to remind everyone that Green Wave, in line with the people of Iran, has been able to achieve a great portion of its objectives in the course of the previous 5 years:

Bringing to end the rule of Ahmadinejad and he co-thinkers through consistent political action and public awareness campaign using media channels
Pursuit of public demands since 2009 leading to a huge and free turn out in the presidential election of 2013 which resulted in the victory of Mr. Rouhani
The brave and rational engagement process being carried out by the new government that has been accompanied with a new approach concerning the resolution of Iran’s nuclear dispute and the economic crisis which has ensued from it

Without doubt, the journey to our final destination will be proceed a long and meandering path, and it is for this reason that we will need to employ all our resources towards consolidating all of our recent achievements.

Our first and foremost priority in this regard, will be to assist the successful resolution of the nuclear discussions in circumstances that will preserve the pride and dignity of Iran, so that finally, after 35 years of unacceptable humiliation by the West and some of our neighbours, we can finally start turning the wheels of economic reconstruction by transforming our damaged economy into one of the ten most powerful economies of the world in the course of the next decade.

Therefore, all political and economic means at my disposal outside Iran will be mobilized towards the attainment of this objective. Also, I wish to announce that along with the services, which I shall be personally providing towards the cause of economic reconstruction in my country in addition to the financial and industrial resources that shall accompany me, I have invited Dr. Khonsari to assume the Secretary General ship of the Organization for ‘Economic Reconstruction and National Reconciliation’ (‘BAAM’ being its Farsi acronym). ‘BAAM’ will be an umbrella for supporting economic reconstruction and national reconciliation in Iran. I wish to reiterate that the activities of this organization will be conducted in compliance with the laws of our country.

I have no doubt that the resolution of the nuclear file, the start of economic reconstruction and my planned return for serving my country, will take place within the forecasted time frame.


Paris, 8 December 2014