Amir Hossein Jahanshahi Ending His Exile No Later Than Spring 2015

In the course of a press conference held today in Paris, Amir Hossein Jahanshahi, the Founder of Green Wave and Raha TV announced that he was ending 35 years of exile and returning to Iran no later than spring of 2015.

۱۴ months after having placed ‘National Reconciliation’ through ‘Economic Reconstruction’ as the center point of his political agenda, Jahanshahi stated that “there is no turning back and we will not be pursuing our objective by other means”. He formally declared, “that in light of regretful experiences which have been gained as a consequence of various catastrophes that have unfolded over the recent years in the Middle East and resulted in the destruction of unity and cohesion in Iraq, Syria, Libya, the pursuit and promotion of plans by any Iranian political group or individuals involved in regime change, given that its ultimate consequences will lead to internal civil war and dismemberment of our country – would be considered as nothing less than traitorous”.

Jahanshahi also made it clear that under no circumstance should Iran pursue the development of nuclear weapons. But according to him, “The successful attainment of this objective can only be secured in an atmosphere that prevents a loss of face for my country”. He said that the resolution of the nuclear file and the removal of sanctions would catapult the country and its vast human and material resources towards economic reconstruction, allowing it to become “one of the ten most powerful economies of the world within a decade”. He emphasized that “success in this national goal can only be achieved if we concentrate our efforts towards the most fundamental priorities confronting our nation”, such as job creation, ending inflation, providing pension and social security for all, restoring national pride and returning Iran to its rightful historical place in the world.

While underlining the fact that Iran did not have any border disputes with any of its neighbors, Jahanshahi expressed a “main concern regarding an acknowledged fact that Qatar and the responsible figures in that land continue to finance Islamic terrorist organizations”. He said, “In these circumstances, while Iran must abandon its military-nuclear program, the principle concern of the Iranian nation is that the leadership in Qatar has and continues to use wealth and resources that might ostensibly belong to the Iranian people – the foundation of which is the natural gas, which Qatar has produced and exploited – to support terrorist elements that ultimately threaten the very existence of the Iranian nation. The status quo with Qatar is definitely unacceptable and must be completely reassessed at the ripe moment”.

Turning to his own personal situation, Jahanshahi stated that he has been in communication with different authorities within the ruling establishment, and given the catastrophic economic situation confronting the Iranian nation, he was intending to return to Iran “under conditions acceptable to the Iranian authorities”. He said that his decision was not intended to either pressure or damage the new government, and as such, “it does not necessarily need to be accompanied with ‘hue and cry’ and media publicity”.

Finally, Jahanshahi stated that, “In the coming weeks, it is my intention that all my activities should be conducted in a framework that is in compliance with the laws of our country much like those of any citizen with respect to their country”.

Paris, 20th November 2014

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