Amir Hossein Jahanshahi unveiled a series of secret documents about an economic crisis in Iran

In the course of a press conference organized in Paris on 12 June 2013, Amir Hossein Jahanshahi, the Founder of Green Wave unveiled a series of secret documents obtained by Green Wave networks within the heart of the Iranian regime from the Governor of the Central Bank (CBI), the Head of the Economic Sector of the Supreme Leader’s Office, a secret report submitted by the country’s Supreme National Security Council as well as a letter signed by the Head of the Office of the Supreme Leader.

Jahanshahi explained that he was making such documents public for the first time because unlike previously provided such documents that were utilized mainly for purposes of organizing a national uprising; the documents he was releasing today affected the daily lives of millions of Iranians.

The documents made public by Jahanshahi in the course of the press conference were the following and contained the following key points:
۱٫ Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Report date 14/01/1392 (4 April 2013) signed by its Governor, Mahmoud Bahmani, on the subject of the nation’s critical economic situation inclusive of such issues as the bankruptcy confronting the banking system. According to this document, the entire banking system in Iran has been on the verge of bankruptcy and its survival thus far has hinged on the bailouts provided by the CBI. According to CBI, the impossible sum of US$40 billion would be required to ensure the survival of the banking system. Moreover, it was revealed that the government had no access to the bulk of its estimated US$100 billion of foreign currency reserves held outside Iran because of the intensified sanctions regime which has severely curtailed the country’s ability to purchase badly needed daily commodities, etc. The CBI has in the end provided a number of remedy options to the Supreme Leader.
۲٫ Letter containing instruction issued by the Office of the Supreme Leader, written by Ali Agha Mohammadi, the Head of its Economic Section, in response to above mentioned report from the Central Bank in which the Supreme Leader has approved the suggested options and stated that they be implemented immediately in the aftermath of the presidential election:
– Imposition of a 20% tax on the accounts of all Bank customers
– Imposition of severe restrictions for the withdrawal of funds from customer accounts
– Imposition of severe restrictions on the sale of foreign currency,
– The security forces to resort to special measures in order to prevent the public from storming the banks.
– The CBI in cooperation with the IRGC to prepare a plan for the comprehensive transfer of the country’s banking system to the IRGC.
۳٫ Report presented 20/01/1392 (10 April 2013) from the Supreme National Security Council entitled, ‘Operational Instructions for Combatting the Economic Crisis’, formally presenting the Supreme Leader’s instructions to all the key officials in the Islamic Republic.
۴٫ Letter from the Office of the Supreme Leader signed by Mohammadi Golpayeghani containing specific instructions from the Supreme Leader for dealing with any kind of unrest.

Green Wave
۱۲ June 2013

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